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Elio Quest, otherwise known as Timothy Perez, has been around music his entire life. The environments that shaped his musical intuition are broad and varied, leading to musicianship that spans genres and understands how to blend them well. Combining a love of hip hop, percussion and ceremonial pipe organ resonance, Elio Quest's release, "City" introduces a distinctive sound that feels uniquely personal.

Raised in Southern California, Perez spent his early years learning music in church. Before he had even turned 18, his passion turned into a career, picking up the drums and learning them until he was playing famous music halls across Sunset Boulevard. Soon enough, Perez discovered his own musical voice and began to sing vocals in addition to drumming -- further expanding his musicianship and value as a performer.

"City" is a conglomeration of all of Perez' talents, blending genres with ease and showcasing his various passions. This track has a Prince-like "When Doves Cry" style to it, combining organ tonalities with heavy hitting rhythmic percussion, synthesizer and falsetto vocals. That being said, just when the style feels familiar, Elio Quest raps, incorporating yet another aspect to the varied blend. His voice has a welcoming warmth that ties the layers together cleanly and with intention. Lyrically, "City" has catchy, repeated motifs that are easy to learn and sing along with, as well as bars that showcase Perez' rapping ability. All in all, "City" melds multiple styles with tact, while paying homage to Elio Quest's musical roots.

Stream "City" by Elio Quest on Spotify and Soundcloud!

Keep up with Elio Quest:

Instagram: @elioquest

YouTube: Elio Quest

SoundCloud: Elioquest

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