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SuperBaby (EP)

Emerging Latin singer/songwriter CVMILLE, released her debut EP, SuperBaby, this past weekend. Based on a childhood memory, this album takes the listener through a broad spectrum of feeling, from inebriating love to resentful clapbacks. Camille Aramburu is the woman behind the name CVMILLE. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aramburu’s music pays homage to her roots with a pinch of that iconic Brooklyn attitude (where she currently resides). Her EP SuperBaby is a collaboration with close friends Agustin E. Anta and Jeronimo E. Sibuet, also known as Willy Kent and Nossion. As you listen through the EP, CVMILLE’s relationship with the world around her unfolds, giving the listener insight into her vision. The “intro” track sets the scene with ethereal, swirling sounds akin to the style of artists like Läpsley. As we get into “fool (for love)” chord progressions pay homage to Aramburu’s background while we begin on an emotional journey that is enhanced by the use of pitch bending, giving a drunk, out of control feeling. ”baby don’t” takes up the tempo, utilizing unique chord resolutions followed by “sin sensor”, where the pitch bending returns in addition to some dissonance as well as a haunting, floating vocal. Wrapping up the EP is “space inside my mind” where CVMILLE creates a swirling, almost 80s like feel while she shows her rhythmic prowess. “valen’s outro” seems to serve as one big clapback, demonstrating how CVMILLE knows her own worth but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Overall, SuperBaby is unlike any EP you’ve heard this year, experimenting with chord progressions from all over the world while taking the listener through a celestial, intoxicating journey.

Check out SuperBaby on all major streaming platforms!

Keep up with CVMILLE on Instagram @cvmillemusic

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