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Hoping to uplift the world in these fragile times, Vera Bloom finds solace in music and the healing powers it possesses. After two years of a global pandemic, we're slowly starting to test the waters again, finding optimism in new places and cherishing our experiences in a different way. Vera Bloom's newest release, "Serenity", captures the beauty that emerges from new beginnings.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Bloom has that signature chill vibe you encounter throughout the west coast. While playing shows across the states, she searches for freedom in both the mundane and the sublime - riding her motorcycle wherever she goes and staying open to inspiration and connection. Her music reflects those ideals with a blunt yet caring perspective on our relationships and time on this planet. "Serenity" is chock full of lyric gems as well as musicianship that is both exciting and soothing at the same time. The ebb and flow of the instrumentation adds a compelling musical arc to the song while Vera Bloom's voice cuts through effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s music, Bloom's style feels reminiscent of both rock and pop bands from those eras. The chorus feels particularly reminiscent of The Go-Gos and their anthemic sound that brought newfound respect to fully female rock bands. Vera Bloom takes this sound and makes it her own, adding a relaxed soothing tone yet maintaining the energy and build of 80s rock. Lyrically, "Serenity" is matter-of-fact yet poignant, with lines like "swallow your loneliness up, it's the only thing you've got right now" but also “there’s beauty in serenity, not every goodbye is a tragedy”. Showing both sides of the coin, Vera Bloom has managed to encapsulate the human experience incredibly well through "Serenity" -- emphasizing that both hardiness and vulnerability can coexist at the same time.

Check out "Serenity" by Vera Bloom on Spotify as of today!

Keep up with Vera Bloom:

Instagram: @verabloombaby

Facebook: Vera Bloom Music

YouTube: Vera Bloom

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