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Postcard Daze

Sporting crisp 70s vibes and velvety vocals, Soulpax' new single "Postcard Daze" is the perfect addition to your summer playlist. Consisting of Julia Camayd (vocals) and Julian Harris (guitar), Soulpax is an R&B duo committed to creating engaging, immersive environments through their music.

Based in Miami, Soulpax knows a thing or two about bringing the warmth and "Postcard Daze" is a perfect example. The second the song starts, it's hard not to dance along to the groovy motifs and dynamic instrumentation. Camayd's vocals are smooth as silk, accentuating Harris' stellar guitar playing. The production work feels inherently 70s and reminiscent of artists like Bobby Caldwell and The Spinners yet incorporates a few electronic additions that modernize the sound, bringing that classic R & B style into the present market. Lyrically, "Postcard Daze" has a splash of wit, commenting on the exhausting nature of social interactions and the idea of escaping into a postcard for some alone time. While the context has depth, the lyrics are streamlined and easy to remember - not to mention incredibly catchy. All in all, "Postcard Daze" balances humor and musicianship with ease, providing the listener with a sunny, carefree environment.

Check out "Postcard Daze" by Soulpax on Spotify -- released today! And if you're in Florida, check out Soulpax' website for opportunities to see them live.

Keep Up with Soulpax:

Instagram: @soulpaxmusic

Facebook: Soulpax

YouTube: Soulpax

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