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Keep Your Eyes Closed

Danny Hughes, also known as DCPA -- is an Austin, Texas based producer. His release "Keep Your Eyes Closed" grabs listeners' attention with a cinematic opening that flows effortlessly into classic EDM production. Sporting a catchy hook and singable melodies, "Keep Your Eyes Closed" has the ability to get anyone up and dancing.

Originally working as a CPA in Dallas, Hughes found that his passion for music was too strong not to pursue. Basshunter, Daft Punk and ATB are a few of the many influences DCPA has mentioned in his online presence -- all of which seem to have shaped his varied yet unified personal sound. "Keep Your Eyes Closed" has an almost video game-like quality as well as interesting use of sped up vocal processing that feels especially reminiscent of Daft Punk. Lyrically, the song utilizes phrases that are short and memorable, such as the title phrase "Keep Your Eyes Closed". By keeping the phrases to four or five words each, DCPA makes it easy for listeners to sing along while still enjoying the electronic production elements. All in all, "Keep Your Eyes Closed" by DCPA is the perfect underscoring for a long night of dancing in a hazy, ethereal club atmosphere.

Check out "Keep Your Eyes Closed" by DCPA on Spotify and Apple Music!

Keep up with Danny Hughes:

Instagram: @dcpamusic

Twitter: @DCPAmusic

YouTube: DCPA Music

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