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Lost Without You

When it comes to genre-blending, Red Skies Mourning knows how to seamlessly piece together contrasting styles. His latest release, "Lost Without You", combines elements of alternative rock and indie pop. In the past, Red Skies Mourning has leaned more toward a classic rock sound, so this new style is an exciting departure that adds variety to his repertoire. Building upon the momentum of his previous release "Deep Moonlight", "Lost Without You" feels like the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Red Skies Mourning.

Chris Aleshire, the multi-instrumentalist behind Red Skies Mourning, is constantly honing his craft. Searching for an individually memorable style -- his music reflects personal growth and self inventory. Through Aleshire's ever-changing journey as a person and musician, his music has shifted to reflect that growth -- it's exciting to listen to an artist's catalogue and hear the development of their style happen through time. "Lost Without You" gives the impression that Red Skies Mourning has found a signature sound -- at least for this cycle in time. Feeling akin to groups such as Dr. Dog, Jukebox the Ghost, Miniature Tigers and Capital Cities, "Lost Without You" blends the line of rock and pop incredibly well with an indie inclination. The choruses are catchy and syncopated in a distinctive way, making it difficult not to sing along. Lyrically, "Lost Without You" follows the narrative of a relationship gone awry and the disillusionment that often follows a breakup - leaving you alone to overthink and reminisce. "Sparks lit the sky, we used to see eye to eye" is one of the many clever rhymes in "Lost Without You", leaning into that indie sensibility with buoyant language to describe a situation that would otherwise be somber. In regards to instrumentation, the balance is spot on -- layering the electric guitar, keyboard, drums and synth sounds with ease. Aleshire's voice is grounded and smoothly floats over the underscoring. Overall, "Lost Without You" is a stellar introduction to the new, memorable sound of Red Skies Mourning.

Check out "Lost Without You" by Red Skies Mourning on all streaming platforms now!

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