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One Night Only

Multi-hyphenate Sydney Raneé lets creativity drive her forward, working as a singer, songwriter, producer and fashion designer — all wrapped up in one talented person. Her latest release, “One Night Only” is a dreamy throwback to the 90s, complete with celestial production and a bright percussive feel.

Starting off with a peppy, bubblegum beat and twinkling tambourine, Sydney Raneé sets the scene for a fun night out seamlessly. The overall vibe of “One Night Only” feels reminiscent of early 1990s/2000s hits like “Public Affair” by Jessica Simpson or “Stars are Blind” by Paris Hilton. It strikes a kind of Y2K music nostalgia while still bringing a clean modern production sound. Raneé’s vocals are spot on, full of rich tone and clarity while keeping the tone conversational and buoyant. Lyrically, “One Night Only” has multiple lines that feel both memorable and compelling when combined with her melody choices. Overall, Sydney Raneé’s “One Night Only” is the perfect revitalized version of our favorite nostalgia jams.

Check out “One Night Only” on Spotify and Apple Music!

Keep up with Sydney Raneé:

Instagram: @sydney.ranee

YouTube: Sydney Raneé

Facebook: Sydney Raneé

Bandcamp: Sydney Raneé

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