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Outa Style

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

A rancher by day and musician by night, Chad Bushnell lives that country life through and through. His newest release “Outa Style“ exudes Americana flair while maintaining timeless country qualities.

Depicting a relationship going through an unintentionally long break, ”Outa Style” recounts how it feels to miss someone who doesn’t keep in touch. While the subject matter appears to be somber, the music is anything but depressing. Keeping an optimistic outlook, the instrumentation is buoyant and upbeat - full of bright strings and resonant guitar. The musicians do a stellar job of supporting the narrative and emphasizing the emotion without drawing too much focus. The strings are an especially nice touch, creating compelling swells with the orchestration. Bushnell’s voice has clarity and a warm twang, soaring over the underscoring with ease. Lyrically, ”Outa Style” keeps it simple with a few cheeky lines that are memorable and easy to sing along to, such as the title line, “you’re taking time like it’s going outa style.” All in all, Bushnell took what could have been a sad story and turned it into a lighthearted, fun song - perfect for belting out in your car with the windows down.

Check out Chad Bushnell's "Outa Style" on Spotify and Apple Music!

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Instagram: @chadbushnellmusic

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