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Push Me (Music Video)

Tarah Who? and YUR MUM just dropped a music video of their recent track “Push Me” and it‘s a colorful explosion of humor and stellar rock sensibility. Having reviewed the initial release, I had a certain idea of what the music video would look like, yet I’m blown away by the creative cinematography and direction. Between the color palette, hard hitting sound and charismatic energy, the music video for “Push Me” creates a world that makes you want to jump in and dance along.

For some context, here is some background on the track from my initial review:

"Jolted by a lack of female rock band representation and recognition, Tarah Who?'s newest release 'Push Me' featuring YUR MUM, challenges the current music industry norms. Like many great artists do when faced with an obstacle, Tarah Who? utilizes art as a form of commentary and resistance. Driven by the hope of a future grammy for female rock bands, "Push Me" has just the right amount of grit and power to get the ball rolling."

Sporting images of the iconic Hollywood sign, juxtaposed with feather boas and fake awards, the irony and humor of “Push Me” comes across with wit and finesse. The visual detail and lighting choices tie together seamlessly, accentuated by the phenomenal video editing and color grading. Tarah Who? and YUR MUM make sure that instead of being pitied for not having representation, the listener feels inspired to rally alongside them.

Check out “Push Me“ by Tarah Who? and YUR MUM on Spotify in addition to the video link at the top of the article!

Keep up with Tarah Who? and YUR MUM:

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