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Season of Us

If you're looking for an upbeat, cheerful new holiday song, "Season of Us" by 7th & Hope is the perfect addition to your playlists. London and Los Angeles based musicians, Patricia Bahia and Betty Lawrence make up the duo with their catchy transatlantic pop style.

"Season of Us" opens up with twinkly piano and warm ukulele, setting the mood for a happy holiday atmosphere. This release contrasts 7th and Hope's existing repertoire, showing off their versatility in both songwriting and performance. The style leans more towards their pop roots, feeling like fitting underscoring for a Hallmark movie or cute viral internet video. Lyrically, "Season of Us" is just as you would hope it would be -- uplifting and singable -- full of "fa-la-la-las" and scenes of friendship and happiness. The sweet sounding vocals have vibrance and are processed perfectly to match the instrumentation. Overall, "Season of Us" checks all the boxes for a new, bright holiday release!

Listen to "Season of Us" by 7th & Hope on all major streaming platforms -- It's the ideal underscoring for all of your holiday gatherings!

Keep up with 7th & Hope:

Instagram: @7thandhopemusic

YouTube: 7th & Hope

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