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Self Titled

A cohesive album from start to finish, Lainey Dionne’s Self Titled is the perfect blend of catchy production and emotionally charged vocals. Full of main character energy and relatable situations, this album is the ideal choice to play in your headphones while strutting down city streets.

Rhode Island based Dionne has a unique indie pop sound that feels reminiscent of Ryn Weaver, Maggie Rogers, Lorde and Taylor Swift combined. Its been an incredible year for femme indie pop and this album is no exception. Self Titled checks all of the boxes when it comes to things you look for in a pop album -- singable melodies, production that makes you dance without thinking and lyrics that have a clever, memorable bite.

"Hey London" opens the album with a high energy, ear worm of a track. It makes bloodshot eyes and jet lag feel incredibly cool and utilizes cheeky references to metro catchphrases. Quite seamlessly, the next song is "Last Flight Out," using the guise of a flight to analyze a rocky relationship. I appreciate the way the album is laid out, leading the listener on a journey that feels like an organic fluctuation of emotion. "Wake Up Call" introduces a 2000s main character feel, akin to Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday or Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis album. All of the songs on Self Titled have their own distinct traits, while maintaining a homogenous sound overall. Some personal favorites are "Cool Story Bro," "Cumbria" and "Sleeping Dogs Lie" although it's difficult not to just list every song on the album. Towards the end of Self Titled, "Senti(mental)" has some thrilling wordplay on top of emotional depth. The use of resonant piano illuminates the power in simplicity, showcasing the sharp lyrics. Closing out the album, "I Love You to Death" ends the experience with a bang, featuring impressively layered production and a groove that's hard to resist. Through and through, Self Titled soars -- an impressive introduction to Lainey Dionne's new sound.

Check out Lainey Dionne's Self Titled on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon! It's full of memorable songs to underscore the crisp, new season.

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