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The La La Song

If you're looking to add a little pep in your step, Mark and the Tiger's newest release "The La La Song" is the perfect catalyst. Mark Haberland (he/him/theirs/them) and Jeffrey Lion (Mark's 'spiritual partner in crime') are behind this delightfully, upbeat music -- thrilling listeners by being unapologetically themselves.

"Time to play, let's get a little strange" feels like the ideal invitation for any adventure. Based on Joseph Campbell's theories about the classic hero narrative, "The La La Song" is meant to simulate a journey. Opening up with a horse whinny, the listener knows from the very beginning that Mark and the Tiger has a sense of humor. Almost instantly, a catchy melody establishes itself through La-La's and the next thing you know, you're singing along and part of the adventure. The tune has the same kind of ear worm quality as "Wouldn't it Be Nice" by The Beach Boys but with a Jukebox the Ghost vibe. Haberland has crafted a really exciting, personal style that simply oozes joy and self love. There's an infectious energy that his music provides to the listener, all the while presenting detailed imagery through carefully constructed lyrics. Simply put, "The La La Song" provides joy in all of the best ways.

Check out "The La La Song" on Spotify as of today and keep an eye out for Mark and the Tiger's upcoming album The Hero's Journey, based on Joseph Campbell's mono-myth Paradigm!

Keep up with Mark and the Tiger:

Instagram: @markandthetiger

Facebook: @markandthetiger

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