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The Silence

Bogota, Columbia native, Santiago Orozco has a passion for sharing music and soulful vulnerability with his audience. His music group, WITHN, stands for Within Seekers -- inviting like-minded individuals to join him on "the journey within". WITHN consists of three members, Santiago Orozco (Vocals, Guitar), Jamie Shadowlight (Violin), and Kerry Rhodes (Vocals, Songwriting). "The Silence", WITHN's latest release, delves into the way fear attempts to control our everyday lives and how turning to music can help us escape.

As "The Silence" starts, we hear a resonant string instrument with a soothing quality. Within seconds, chordal dissonance starts to seep in -- mirroring the concept of fear musically and building expectations for the listener. Using a blend of live instruments and electronic production, WITHN and co-producer YVNG Foreign, utilize the juxtaposition of acoustic and computerized sounds to create tension and depth. Before the first chorus, the tone is haunting and heavy, personifying fear while still establishing catchy rhythms as well as a story arc. Once the chorus starts the sound changes fairly drastically, suddenly feeling lighter with vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics. But soon enough, the sound returns to the originally established mood, feeling as if the lighter moment was just a dream. "The Silence" progresses musically with the addition of electronic percussion that feels akin to a heartbeat, adding more urgency and higher stakes through to the end. In the final moments, we're left with the words "The Silence" echoing as instrumentation fades away to actual silence.

From a storytelling point of view, this musical arc mimics life incredibly well. When depression and fear creep in it's often easy to write off good memories as being embellished by the mind. Whether intended or not, WITHN brings this specific idea to light in a chilling, cathartic way. No matter how dark the plot or chord structures get, the music still maintains a pleasing, soothing quality. WITHN has crafted an emotional journey with "The Silence," demonstrating how beautiful music can arise from the darkest moments.

Check out "The Silence" by WITHN (Co-produced by YVNG Foreign) on Spotify and Apple Music!

Keep up with WITHN:

Instagram: @withinseekers

Facebook: @withinseekers

YouTube: Within Seekers

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