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Video Game

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

If you’ve ever listened to Lainey Dionne before, you’ll know she has a talent for capturing the depths of human emotion through song. Her newest release, “Video Game” explores a toxic, one sided relationship that exemplifies the idea of giving affection as a means of controlling.

Whether romantic or not, it’s likely you may have met someone who uses affection or attention to maintain a power dynamic. When feelings are involved, it’s often hard to put them aside and see how you’ve been manipulated until you’re waist deep. “Video Game” takes place at the precipice of this experience, when the tactics reveal themselves but you’re hopelessly enamored. Even still, Dionne stresses that you are stronger by yourself than with someone who makes you feel inferior.

Lyrically, Lainey Dionne brings this idea to life by using video game metaphors. Her clever use of game vernacular adds urgency to the story, especially with the use of phrases like “death match” and “kill cam”. Musically, her production is spot on — the vocals float eerily over the synth driven, electronic elements. Her addition of guitar also adds a wistful sweetness to the mix, amplifying the multi-faceted nature of these situations. All in all, “Video Game” thrills with emotional depth while showcasing Lainey Dionne’s musicianship.

Check out “Video Game” by Lainey Dionne on Spotify and Apple Music.

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